Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, Yeah, Baby! It's #119.

Oh, behave!

The Objectivist Round Up is here at The Rule of Reason.

Hey! Guess who is next week's host? Me!

Isn't dat veird?

(I promise not to make any Austin Powers references next week - although I admit to having a sudden urge to expand my use of the word shag to include the verb form rather than limiting it to the description of that 70's hairdo.)


Kim said...

Nice! You'll add your special touch to it.

Lynne said...

I'm not sure I will.

I've been giving that some thought and while I like spicing up my weekly pointers to the Round Up, I'm not sure the actual Round Up will benefit from my idea of fun. Although...Halloween? C'mon! That's my time to fly!

So don't be surprised or disappointed.

pomponazzi said...

Lynne, that's my favorite movie:) You are the first Objectivist to mention Austin "Dangers" Powers.

Here is my fav line: There are only two things that I am afraid of and one is nuclear power...
What's the other thing thing Austin? Austin: Carnese, circus folks...small hands...smell like cabbage. Lol