Friday, October 30, 2009

Helpful Halloween (last minute) Hints

First, you need to feed those kids before sending them out into the night to collect junk to eat from neighbors that you don’t normally speak to, right? How about this? It’s the best, most disgusting Halloween meal I’ve ever seen. What do mean you forgot the kids’ costumes? Don’t worry. There are some clever last minute ideas for you to throw together for them.

But what about you? Looking for that last minute glam get-up (ignore the “not for Halloween” advice). Just grab your silk charmeuse bias cut dress, long gloves, a fur stole, or a wool wrap coat with leopard print shawl collar and cuffs, et Voila! What? You don’t have those in your closet? Better still, how about an adult version of this? But, if you’re like me, who would know you made an effort?

Need a last minute idea for something to bring to a party? (Skip step two unless you’re a sissy.)

If you’re not going anywhere or doing anything for Halloween, don’t bother with the whole costume, just put on an old hat, some red lipstick and pretend like you did so you can at least post something on Facebook. If you need some help with make-up, see the Makeup Geek’s Retro Glam look (not for those with a fear of product, but the transformation is always quite interesting to watch nonetheless).

If you’re not feeling that Halloween je ne sais quoi, no matter what you do, try pondering some interesting skull things. I agree with HNTAO writer, Pamela Redmond Satran, that there may be no better reminder of why you shouldn’t act old than the Day of the Dead. That’s why I can run in the cemetery better than anywhere else – constant inspiration.

Whatever you end up doing tomorrow night, have fun, stay safe, and be well.


C. August said...

That meat hand thing is the most awesomely disgusting-looking meal I have ever seen. I love it!

Lynne said...

I thought so too. I love that she gave explicit details on how to make it perfectly disgusting.

My kids will have to wait for next year to experience it in all its grotesque wonderfulness. That'll give me time to find a food-safe hand mold.