Monday, October 19, 2009

"Oh, I've read."

I'm not sure what a "totalitarian state of individualists" means, but other than that, it's worth watching if you haven't already - hell, it's worth watching even if you have.

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(via NoodleFood and HBL)


Christina said...

Interesting clip. I thought the author was extremely well spoken and collected.

Lynne said...

I was also impressed with her as I was with Amity Shlaes (whose book, The Forgotten Man, I really enjoyed) when she was on the show, or any guests for that matter, who are would-be easy targets for Mr. Stewart's quick quips and automatic audience adulation. She stayed on track.

More importantly, Jon Stewart was not only respectful to Miss Barnes, he was also quite respectful of Ayn Rand - a welcomed surprise.

Lynne said...

I meant "Miss Burns". That wasn't very respectful of me.