Monday, October 12, 2009

Offer Expires in Two Days!


I have spent this morning doing something I should have done for a long time. I watched five concurrent TV show episodes on hulu!

I know, there are those of you who have been telling me to watch the show for a long time, and those of you who couldn't say enough about it (but, sadly, not enough to actually make me understand how very funny, hopeful, poignant, and totally fabulous it is and that I should watch the Pilot before it fell off the queue at hulu - that'll have to wait until the DVD comes out), and even those of you who knew that despite a long-term enthusiastic following, the show is only six episodes long!

In a bit of black comedy combining Bring It On and High School Musical with a John Hughesian flair wrapped up in a hour-long format, this show will delight anyone who has ever, even once, considered her life to be some sort of happy-go-quirky musical.

So without further ado, because such would cause you to miss out on your chance to see it from episode 2, I happily present: Glee.

Really. It's that good.

[For the record, I am slightly concerned that one day the loathsome Cheerios squad leader, played by the terrific comic actress, Jane Lynch, will reveal that she is an Ayn Rand fan. The character of Sue Sylvester is driven and ruthless in the achievement of her goals. However, based on a prevalent stereotype, she is also dishonest, conniving, and moves people around her like pawns (behavior some incorrectly identify as "selfish"). Since the show pays a great deal of lipservice to overcoming stereotypes, I sincerely hope this is not the case.]


Fiddler said...

Told ya. : )

Your description "black comedy combining Bring It On and High School Musical with a John Hughesian flair wrapped up in a hour-long format" is very apt!

Lynne said...

Yes you did.

For some reason, I thought it was a reality TV show. After Top Chef, Project Runway, and Dancing with the Stars, I just couldn't afford to waste my emotions on the trumped-up drama. But Glee's creators have given us excellent writing and engaging characters - not to mention the hilarious or inspiring song and dance numbers.

And it is good.