Friday, October 2, 2009

A Perfect Moment

Sitting outside the library,
The bells are clanging ten,
Daughter taught by “not me”;
Feeling a little Zen.

“Venti Mocha Latte, please,”
Deserving of whipped cream,
Small price of $3.88,
To live an idyllic dream.

Shady coolness, the sun, warm,
Still-green leaves rustle.
Enjoying the eye of the storm,
Tutors amidst the hustle.


Amy said...

Ah, I know that feeling.

Lynne said...

It was a couple of weeks ago, but I savor the memory.

Deb said...

I get that sensation too, sometimes. I'm usually too busy stealing those minutes to do my own work. Maybe I should stop and smell the lattes a little more often.

Beth said...

Deep sigh. Wonderful images. Wish I could sit next to you, coffee in hand, warmth in heart, smile on face, loving the moment and the simple pleasure of being alive.

Lynne said...

They smell soooo good, you won't regret it, Deb.

Beth, that would be lovely - anytime.