Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Good Things (Today’s Wisdom on One Shoe)

1.  If you don’t want anyone, including the postman, to see you in your pink zebra jammies after noon, don’t wear your pink zebra jammies after noon.

2.  Not all shoebox-sized parcels contain bombs or books.

3.  All the wishing in the world won’t get you the shoes you want, but having a selfish husband whose optional values often track your own (and who knows your European shoe size), may.
Say “Hello, Lover!” (using your best Carrie Bradshaw voice) to my new left shoe. 

I’m saving the right one and “the walking lessons” for tomorrow.   


Kim said...

Can you say "spats "? Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love the rounded toe--my favorite style. Great for spring!

HaynesBE said...

Go Girl!
(So which camera did you use?)

Lynne said...

Kim, I can say "spats" and it makes me giggle. I did have to wear spats for my one parade stint with the marching band in high school. I guess the thrill never leaves! The toe box on these shoes is actually not so bad.

Beth, "Go" takes on a whole new meaning at 4.75" above the ground! I took this picture with my new camera because I haven't yet received my old one. In fact, I thought that this box might have been it, but it was addressed to Stephen.

Ladies, I have some work to do before I can do justice to - let alone walk in - these shoes!