Monday, March 15, 2010

The Other Kind of Men

How sharp the look of leverage may seem,
With narrowed eyes belying wisdom won,
And tightly drawn, a smile whose act would deem,
To speak content, his will on others – done.

How large this victor bears his confidence,
How brief this staged event until it’s learned,
His stolen gains’ required consequence –
Their use destroyed as they could not be earned.

No pretense, envy, nor excuse conceived
Production which is far beyond that ken;
Yet driven to live, ideas from whom achieved
The known, this world – the other kind of men.

And thus, by those, who this will understand,
Is shared the name, the glory, that is Man.

“Francisco, where are they now – the other kind of men?”
“Now they’re not wanted.”
“I want them. Oh God, how I want them!”
“When you do, you’ll find them.”
Dagny and Francisco in Atlas Shrugged


Shea said...

Have you ever considered posting your poetry in audio form instead of just written form? It's beautiful as is, but I'd just love to hear it in the author's voice.

Lynne said...

Thank you.

As far as an audio outlet, we have actually discussed a sort of Sonny and Cher variety show podcast (well, that's how I would describe it - I'm equally certain that my podner would frown on that description) but since I have yet to master the art of Twitter! I doubt podcasting is in the near future.

I still have so many to listen to! ;)

If I decide to start with the poems, I'll be looking for any podcasting advice you can offer.