Sunday, March 7, 2010

Who Needs Spring Chicken?

After being cooped up all winter, we had to get outside and stretch our wings in today's beautiful weather.  Even if we aren't all spring chickens.

And while I didn't actually have any spring chicken this weekend, I did have some fantastic tasting, and looking, food and drink.

A cool cafe mocha at the Javaroom
with the teenager after prom dress shopping.

Our Atlas Shrugged Saturday night reading snack.

Dual berry blast crepe and bacon brunch
as photographed by the youngest this morning.

 Steak Diane for two Sunday dinner
(with asparagus and prosciutto with truffle oil,
leek rings and romaine micro-salad, and Famiglia Bianchi
Malbec wine at chez Bourque this evening).

It's good to be me.


Kim said...

Keep sending this man to any events that enhance that hobby!

Lynne said...

The best part of it all is that his inspiration comes from going out to eat at excellent restaurants! Okay. I can take that one for the team.