Monday, March 1, 2010

Stars Hollow meets Wall Street

As I clicked over to see this week’s guest list on Jon Stewart (Kim tweeted that Neil DeGrasse Tyson would be on tonight!) I was surprised to see this familiar face.
I was even more surprised to find that he had written a book!?!
Unless Luke Danes was moonlighting as a staff reporter on the Wall Street Journal, that’s the wrong Scott Patterson.
This is the book writing Scott Patterson.


Kim said...

Your depth and breadth of knowledge confounds me! Good catch. They should hire you as an editor.

Lynne said...

I didn't get to watch the show yet. Was the interview with Tyson good?

Kim said...

He's always good. I have to wait until the show's on-line! You know me--cheap!

Stephen Bourque said...

Good catch, Lynne, and I agree that you are a good editor. (Your proofreading of my writing has been invaluable.) However, I must point out that your last sentence has an amusing effect produced by a missing hyphen between "book" and "writing." I doubt that you meant the book itself was capable of writing Scott Patterson! :)

Since you featured Vivaldi in a recent post, I thought I would share another humorous mix-up of information on the Internet. When I was playing a Vivaldi CD on my computer yesterday, the RealPlayer application, which fetches album information from the Internet, identified Antonio Vivaldi as an "unknown hip-hop artist." I think they got the wrong guy!

Lynne said...

I know. I put one in naturally and then I removed it. I'm hyphen-shy now.

Perhaps Real Player is confused by this.