Friday, October 31, 2008

On Being Sarah

I figured I'd be the most frightening thing my Democrat friends would encounter today.

But I thought I might be the darling of my more Republican neighborhood.

I like to call this one "Sarah and the coven".

Except for the fact that I needed to remain mute all evening (that is one hard accent to master), I enjoyed walking in Sarah's shoes - only not literally. After dinner at a neighbors, but before trick-or-treating began, I needed to put on my Alaskan boots in order to maintain my caribou Barbie look and actually be able to walk.

And one last time: what's the difference between a homeschool mom and a Pug?

Yup. Lipstick. Oh, and not barking near as much.

Happy Halloween!


Christina said...

Love the pics, LB! Thanks for sharing. Hope you had fun. You do look eerily like the veep candi.

MP said...


Deb said...

That's brilliant! You look amazing!

Katie Davis said...

Fantastic! You nailed the look down perfectly!

Lynne said...

Thanks everyone.

I think my son captured my appearance best when he saw me and said casually, "Nice Tina Fey look, Mom."

objectivistDad said...

Great concept, brilliantly executed!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!

I have been on Palin burnout for quite sometime. So, if you would have asked my opinion of your costume before you did it, I would have tried to convince you that it was an awful idea.

But you pulled it off! And all my possible compliments against the idea were totally defeated by the picture "Sarah and the coven". I am making this the background on my computer, so my cube-mate will be able to see it tomorrow when he comes into work.

Utterly fantastic!