Monday, October 6, 2008

Stemming the Tide of Fear

I sure am glad those congressmen rammed through the expropriation of our funds for the good of the country. Glad their Blue Hippo efforts gave us what we deserved in order to save us from ourselves. They really knew what they were talking about when they decided that taking and redistributing 700 billion of our collective dollars in an emergency measure would help calm the fears about our economy. They really understood how that one day plummet of the stock market meant that we were beginning to panic. Phew! Sure am glad that's over.

Check out today's DJIA. It's not pretty. Right now it's down 768 points. And now we're out that $700 billion to boot.

Go Legislators! Go Legislators! Go! Go! Go Legislators!

I thought they might want some chanting of their own. It seems that feeling like a rock star and/or part of a tribe is more important than understanding how a government of laws, not of men, sets America apart.

Update: So the Dow Jones closed only 369.88 points down - below 10,000 (9955.50).


HaynesBE said...

It is sad and frightening how little our Congressmen understand economics and the philosophical roots of our country. My latest blog post is on speech by a US Senator that bucks that trend. I don't know anything else about DeMint, but I sure like this speech.


PS If you like my blog, perhaps you would be willing to add it to your list of Objectivist blogs. Thanks.

Lynne said...

Oh, I do and I did (linked to it this morning) - I just changed its place.