Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's new?

In a momentous decision, I have linked my blog with my blogger profile. "So what?" you may ask. This is big news for me. Now, wherever I have made a comment in the past, I can be linked to this blog which is quite personal. For someone who has been concerned about the impact of her opinion on the treatment of her children by others and learned to harden the target against some pretty unsavory people, this move in some way represents the letting go of fear.

Don't get me wrong - I respect fear. I think it can be an instructional emotion. But some fears should be overcome. I just hope that this move will not cause my posting to go from rather tame to unforgivably boring. I don't think I could take another Welcome Fall post.

And by the way, Happy October!

I really am a simply happy person. I just don't suffer fools lightly which is why I always look angry and why I find living with teenagers so hard, but that's a story for another time.


Rational Jenn said...

LOVE Gavin De Becker! Great books, excellent perspective and advice.

Congrats on courage!

LB said...

Thanks Rational Jenn.

Let's see, 7.5 hours and no visible fall-out yet.

What was I so worried about?

Fiddler said...

Brave new you. I love your blog, LB, even when I don't agree with you!

LB said...

What? You don't always agree with me?
I'm shocked.

Thanks for reading it anyway.