Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is from my parents' local newspaper police blotter:

All four wheels were stolen from a Honda on ****** St. overnight. The car was left on blocks.

Yes. My poor parents were rudely jolted into action early Friday morning by a call from their concerned neighbor. It appeared that all four tires were stolen off of their new Honda Fit and the car was left on cinder blocks in their driveway, approximately 40 feet from where they slept in their little house on the incredibly safe dead end street where I grew up (I'm still waiting for copies of the photos).

My father is downright apoplectic over it, while my mother seems to be handling it with more humor (which is in turn causing my father to have more apoplexy). I have to admit, it's kind of funny in a National Lampoon's Vacation kind of way, but really, they must feel horribly violated.

How does one properly direct one's anger here?

I wonder if this means they'll be packing up and heading toward me? I think that might be an improper overreaction at this point.


Valda Redfern said...

Once I woke up one winter Sunday morning and saw what looked like an enormous snowball resting against the front of my car. But it had not snowed (very seldom does in these parts). I went downstairs to investigate and found that it was in fact a massive _concrete_ ball, an ornament from someone's garden, and had crushed a headlight, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. I followed the trail the ball had made on the tarmac to the house from which it came and banged on the door until someone answered. I had to wait a long time: they'd had a party the night before. Back at home, still seething with rage, I printed out dozens of flyers describing the damage and asking anyone who had seen anything to contact me. Then I walked round the neighbourhood, posting a flyer through every door. Of course I also reported it to the police, and of course they could not help. Nothing came of my effort, except that a lot of people stared at my car as they drove by, but it made me think that at least I'd done what I could.

Lynne said...

Nice detective work - too bad it didn't pay off.

It is maddening. Especially if you think that somebody out there knows something but just won't tell you. My father is convinced that it was someone in the neighborhood because it is a dead end street and who else would know where there is an unattended Honda Fit?

I must confess, though, I laughed when I found out that the car was left teetering on not 4, but 2 cinderblocks! Again, I must take after my mother in finding humor in this crappy situation.

Valda Redfern said...

Like your parents, I suspect the vandals were someone in the neighbourhood - in fact, I'm willing to bet they were drunks from my neighbour's party.

Like you, I found humour in the absurdity of the situation (after some time) - car crushed by a giant garden ornament...