Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Virtual Coffee Mug #3

I'm sad because one of my two matching "Life is Good" mugs (featured center above) cracked when I was pouring hot water in it for tea. I love that mug - it's got a good weight and a nice diner-style shape, and now it's only fit to hold the lint roller. Sad. Happily I did get a new witchy one from a friend who only recently found out about my mug-collecting habit. Thanks, Fiddler!

Speaking of tea, we've gone from water and juice, to tea and hot cider. It's been unseasonably cool around here and I refuse to allow the heat to go on until November.

As those of you who may have been checking Martha Stewart's Halloween Idea of the Day may know, she's not keeping up with posting her craft ideas too well. So here is my contribution.

This is the best pug costume ever. I wish I could say it was mine (dog or costume), alas it is not, but my dog does look just like that. This brings me to my next point:

I love that expression. It all comes down to a few seminal movies, doesn't it? Not to be confused with Seminole movies - I don't actually know any of those.

In other good news, the Sox won the ALCD and are up next against the Rays in the ALCS beginning Friday night. I'm guessing that a lot of homeschoolers have a chalk or white board in their dining rooms.
But I bet you don't have this posted on it:
Thanks, stats guy.

And finally, in my internet travels, I have come across three minutes of happiness. (I'm just trying to expand the definition of being rickrolled.)


Christina said...

Boy did I ever just go a-blackberrying! I hadn't heard of the Rickrolling phenomena, so I went from your three minutes of happiness (thanks, btw), to the Wikipedia article on same and then took a leap down memory lane. That particular pop singer was right up there with Andy Williams in my book--one of the first pop singers I listened to, in fact! Just like Hugh Grant's character in Music & Lyrics, said singer (not Andy) is now headlining the likes of The Northampton Balloon Festival.

Lynne said...

See? Good things (besides blackberries themselves - which are definitely good things) can come from going-a-blackberrying: random bits of knowledge.