Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why History?

This is the title of Scott Powell's excellent essay in the Secular Homeschooling Magazine quarterly issue.

As a homeschooling parent whose child is going on her third year of learning history with Mr. Powell, I really can't express enough how well he distills and presents the important facts of history to his students. He is always ready to answer any questions, or consider what and why some things may seem important. Best of all, he inspires them to make connections between the facts of history and their present day lives. As you can imagine, the study of history can present some pretty ugly facts, but he never shies from the truth, or candy-coats things. He approaches it all with a sound pedagogy. He truly is a wonderful teacher.

From the essay:
"The most brilliant people are not those who retain everything, but those who have the instinctive ability to discard anything that isn't relevant."

The subject of history in unique in academic efforts in that when you are able to identify the red herrings, you can better understand not only the problem at hand, but the world around you. That understanding is nothing short of an advantage in achieving and retaining happiness in life.

Visit History At Our House for more information or drop me a note. I'm delighted to share this excellent homeschool resource. By the way, Mr. Powell also teaches adult classes, but I'll let Stephen talk about that one.


Anonymous said...

i just read that article myself. good stuff.

Lynne said...

And a friend of mine has an article in that volume, too! I can't wait to get my subscription to read it (I finally ponied up).