Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

The heads ended up shrinking to about 1.5 inches tall with a slightly pinkish tint.

The results of our efforts at pumpkin carving this year.


C. August said...

Nice! That hand pumpkin is awesome.

I'm sitting at work right now in a Spiderman t-shirt, because my son (2.5 yrs) has told me in no uncertain terms that because he will be the "black Spiderman" (the evil one from Spiderman III, which he has never seen), I must be the "red Spiderman."

The t-shirt was my compromise. Ahh... what we do for the little ones.

Lynne said...

I love the image! I once wore an enthusiastically painted rigatoni and yarn necklace to a client meeting at work regardless of the fact that I could have slipped it off and no child's feelings would have been hurt in the process. I like to think that shows our integrity.

You know the hand pumpkin is Stephen's. He has quite a collection of awesome pumpkins behind him. This is not his finest work - we were in a hurry.

Have fun with little ones tonight!

Shez said...

Your apples turned out so well. I fully planned on doing some but time ran out. Hope you had a good time this evening.